Carl Allen

Jazz Drummer | Educator

Carl embodies the personal characteristics of a true leader and visionary. The testament to this is manifest in his every performance as a world class musician...
– Pat Metheny

Update from Carl

Well here are in 2021. As I was writing this I was looking over what was on my page from this time last year. I was so excited for 2020 as there were so many wonderful things planned. We all know how that turned out. Unfortunately due to COVID we have lost so many people, venues, performance and teaching opportunities. I must say that even in its darkest hour there are things to be thankful for. If you’re reading this you have something to be thankful for.

When the pandemic hit in early March 2020 like so many others I lost several months of work. I thought that it would only last a few months. Now, after almost a year we’re still dealing with but with a ray of hope with the vaccine. On a positive note, I was blessed to get a number of students and do some masterclasses. With this time off I feel that I have become a better musician and educator. I said that I wanted to be better when this pandemic was over. Additionally, I have focused on my health by walking several miles a day, eating better and getting more sleep. I have even been able to write some music and read a few books.

As we embark on a new chapter for most of us I would like to just encourage you all to stay strong, safe and healthy. We have to keep each other lifted up. With many of us being creative people it can be difficult to stay motivated to practice and write when we have no performances coming up. This WILL change so don’t give up. I tell my friends that I had to learn how to practice all over again.

Here’s to a love filled 2021 and I pray for health, strength, prosperity and for restoration for all that you have lost and more.

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In Love & Swing,
Carl Allen

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