Hello Everyone……

Hello Everyone,

I can’t believe how it has been since I updated my page. Well, there’s lots happening. This is always an exciting time of year as so many students are starting the next chapter of their lives and wish them all nothing but the best.

This has been a great summer and now as we are moving into fall I’d like to share some exciting things with you. In terms of some of my summer highlights I had some amazing performances with Tiffany Austin, Renee Rosnes, Vincent Herring, Steve Turre and many others. I believe in seasons and this seems to be a season of education and gigs as a leader. There are many clinics and residencies coming up for me so I encourage to please check my tour schedule for dates.

On the equipment side of things some of you know that I recently had a new set of drums made for me by DW Drums and they are the best sounding drums that I have ever played. They are Mahogany and Spruce. Check out the video of youtube here at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2np-Kc9SnM. I would like to also encourage you to check out my stick with Vater (vater.com). I have received many messages from drummers playing a wide variety of genres who seem to love it which makes me happy as it is not designed to be a ‘jazz stick’. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Please visit my site regularly as there will be more exciting things that I will be sharing with you all. I do hope to see you all soon.

I pray that you all will have a safe, healthy, peaceful, prosperous and joy fall. Spread and it will come back to you.

For more information feel free to email me at [email protected].

Love and Swing,
Carl Allen